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It's the little things that hold us together

“Paperclips – the Musical” comes from the optimistic tradition of recognizing that, if nothing else, there is always a good story. It is a light-hearted, big-hearted musical that takes a look at the folks who earn their livelihood working in the retail world and their customers.  With original music of every style, performed in an intimate setting, Paperclips delivers a show of surprising proportions. It pokes fun at us all while reminding us all of just how similar we are.  Audiences will be engaged and entertained for 45 minutes, and will leave the theatre humming.
Paperclips the store may be a retail giant, but Paperclips the story is about the little things that hold us together.

It's over for this year

"Paperclips – The Musical is a delightful debut work from local playwright and performer Louise Flemington . Louise firmly plants two feet on the ground in her confident performance .
Her timing and capacity to engage with the audience coupled with the intimate performance space make for an easy connection with the audience . Her creative set and props , including a musical Paperclip add to the experience ." -
Sharon Zikman

"Fun, funny, personal and poignant. Well worth the time to check it out." -
Ken Gilbert

"So absolutely charmingly and actually very poignant. Louise is engaging,fearless and funny. What an amazing first musical! Looking forward to more!" - Suzie Hagan