The Show
The Performer

It's the little things that hold us together

The Creative Mind and Performer

Louise Hollingsworth, born and raised in London, Ontario,  is a new talent on the Fringe Festival stage. After years of holding public meetings, designing and running training sessions and public outreach programs she decided to use this experience to create something completely frivolous.  Louise channeled her attention to writing not only a play, but a musical.  A life time writer and poet, the words came surprisingly quickly as did the tunes.  Borrowing one of her daughter’s pieces, seven original songs came together to summarize Louise’s part-time, eight-year stint at that well known mega office supply chain store, St...s, er, Paperclips

Louise’s ability to find humour in the small and the absurd and her unique voice stylings  lead  us happily on this brief and entertaining journey.

It's over for this year!