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It's the little things that hold us together

When Mrs. Flemington takes part-time work at a big chain office supply store, for minimum wage , she had no idea she would be there 8 years later -- still copying & printing, still looking for her 'career' job and still searching for meaning.  Using the grand tradition of musical theatre as inspiration, 'Paperclips' will leave your foot tappin' , your funny bone shakin' and your heart-strings plucked...

It's over this year- Thanks for your support!
What Folks Were Saying.....
"The stories and songs left the audience in hysterics at many parts, and Louise did an excellent job of playing to her audience. It is definitely
a worthy show to see, " -
Skylar Franke

In my opinion, there was no better way to kick off my Fringe experience than with this heartwarming, endearing, thought provoking and often hilarious one woman play, " - Wendy Goldsmith

"The highs and lows of life played within a big box retail store. Mostly very funny but some poignant moments as well." - Lisa Widdifield

"Ms. Hollingsworth is a natural storyteller and her pearls of wisdom and whimsy segued seamlessly into original songs, performed in styles from
burlesque to country. " -
Ann Monty

"The script is less about the work but more about the people- customers and fellow employees – the relationships and the wisdom learned from
daily interactions with the customers." -
Michael Levine